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Evington Park House Community Access Control Agreement

Evington Park House (LE56DE) was sold to Leicester Corporation in 1947 and is a building used by Park Services staff.

In 2015 Friends of Evington were given a community access control agreement and work with Leicester City Council to promote community usage in the three community rooms. ┬áThe following groups use the three community rooms regularly and pay for usage according to Leicester City Council’s agreed ‘Fees and Charges’ sheet.


Evington Park House (LE56DT). The building you see predates 1836, when John Burnaby bought the estate and existing house to make a ‘dream’ home for his retirement.

Evington Yoga groups – From 9th Feb. 2017 – 4 times a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday morning and Thursday morning.

Monday Keep Fit – once a week

Monday afternoon Friendship Group – once a week

Monday Walking for Health – refreshments afterwards – once a week

Strad dogs and Puppy Training – once a fortnight

Art in the Park – once a week

Sitting and Standing Keep Fit – once a week

Anything Goes (Leicester Ageing Together/Age UK) – once a week

Quillers group – once a week

Naso – Let’s Talk 2-4pm

Drop-In – once a week

History and Heritage Group – once a month

Evington Branch of the Labour Party – once a month

Gujerati Social Club – when it isn’t suitable to meet outside in the park

Tools for Africa – once a week

Aromatherapy (Courses in 2017).

Evington Bicycle Club – once a week from April to end of September