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Adrian Mole at 50.



We will never know how Adrian coped with his middle-aged crisis. He is bound to be having one!

Sue Townsend, the biggest selling UK moleauthor of the eighties died in 2014.  There had been talk of a new manuscript but nothing emerged.   Townsend’s agents said that the new story was up to the Sue’s usual high standards.  Mole fans can only hope.

Come on a led ride on Saturday 25 February at 14:00 starting from Town hall Square.  The group will hear about Adrian and author Sue Townsend, who lived her whole life residing in Leicester.  Here is a shot taken on an earlier ride. The group is outside the David Wilson Library, University of Leicester, where the Townsend manuscripts are available to see.

Adrian was famously a very poor writer. His story “The Restless Tadpole – An Opus” was dismissed by one potential agent as “effete crap”.  And yet his diary writing is of the highest quality and sold millions…

If you would like more information about the ride see Or contact  EBC Secretary Helen Pettman 0116 2204525 or email to