Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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There have been a spate of burglaries to individual homes in Evington, particularly in the Downing Drive area.

In some houses burglars have stolen cash cards and been able to use a pin number.  (Be aware that pin numbers should not be found anywhere near cards  and are better not written down.)

In Evington village, local residents say that car windows have been broken and tyres punctured.  Earlier there was an attempted robbery at the Coop store.  At the shops on Downing Drive, a robber, who could not be easily identified on CTV, smashed the glass at Café Blends (5/10/17) and yanked out the till, driving away in a Ford KA.  The robber had done another burglary in Syston earlier that day.  He was not from this area.  Then on 9/10/17, the same burglar came back to Downing Drive and smashed his way through the door into Evington Eyecare and stole 12 pairs of sunglasses.  He was in and out in seconds.  The police have made four arrests and seized the Ford KA.  Things have been quieter since.