Thursday , 4 June 2020


Evington in Bloom was awarded ‘Silver’ in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom finals 2016.  The judges, Martyn Hird and Glenn Dale came to Evington on 10th August and were taken on a tour and had opportunities to meet the many volunteers who help with the scheme.  Evington was judged in the Urban Community category and they received their results at the Britain in Bloom conference in Birmingham on 14th October 2016.

The breakdown of marks was as follows:  Horticultural Achievement – Silver   Environmental Responsibility – Silver   Community Participation  – Silver Gilt  Overall – Silver.


Introduction (introductory remarks from the judges):

Under the umbrella of Evington in Bloom, a group from RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood has come together to produce a very creditable Britain in Bloom entry.

There are a whole host of initiatives and much enthusiasm and energy, with some very good publicity and plenty of colour throughout the main street.  It was good to see that Evington are spreading their message and their presence into the community.

SECTION A – Horticultural Achievement

Areas of Achievement:

* There are many tubs, baskets and displays in the village that are planted and maintained by volunteers.  The placing of the said displays in areas of high footfall was particularly well done.

* The volunteer groups at Evington Park are a lifeline in the management of the park and its future, they should be given a greater say in its management and upkeep.

* The judges enjoyed seeing the projects and meeting the volunteers throughout the entry, they should be congratulated for their efforts.

Areas for Development:

* Evington Park is a great asset to the village, however the general maintenance of flower and shrub beds within the park were not of a high standard.

* The judges realise that green spaces and mowing are the responsibility of the City of Leicester.  It is a shame that they did not work with you more closely particularly as you are representing the city in this national campaign.

SECTION B – Environmental Responsibility

Areas of Achievement:

* Local history is well catered for with some impressive interpretation and some fine posters on the streetlights.

* The entry was generally very clean and litter free with street furniture in good order.

* Davenport wildflowers looked impressive as we passed in the car, perhaps these could be repeated in other locations.

* Good use of art in the form of the poppy seat by the newly refurbished war memorial.

Areas for Development:

* The judges would like to have been shown specific areas of bio diversity and to have met a local officer.

* Natural resource management is another area that the judges would have liked to hear more e.g. green waste, grey water and wood waste.

* The arboretum would be a good resource to include on the route as a variety of the criteria could be met by a longer visit.

SECTION C – Community Participation

Areas of Achievement:

* The judges were delighted to meet so many people on tour and at the lunch afterwards.

* The charitable status of Evington in Bloom shows long-term commitment.

* There seems to be good funding streams available and we were pleased to see that the school took full advantage of the RHS Campaign for School Gardening initiative.

Areas for Development

* Consider shortening the route as the driving part of the tour took us out into areas that the group has less or no control over.  Remember that we judge everything that we see.