Monday , 22 July 2019
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Evington Library – Pledge Day


A Pledge Day was held at Evington Library on Saturday 11th July to set a Guinness World Record for the highest number of people pledging to take part in a children’s reading campaign. There were also some fun activities for children to take part in on the day.

There was an excellent turnout of over 120 people pledging to help set the world record. Many children have signed up to the campaign which is run with the aim of encouraging young people to read in exchange for prizes such as stickers and wristbands. The achievement of completing the challenge will be recognised through an official certificate which children can take into school. Certificates will go towards seeing which school has had the most number of pupils complete the challenge.

The Library had promoted the challenge in local schools before they closed for the summer break, and posters were also put up in local shops.

Manjula Patel, Senior Library Assistant at Evington Library, was very pleased with the outcome of the pledge day. ” The annual challenge encourages reading which helps to build many skills, such as better vocabulary, and it is also a way of getting children to come to the library”.


Manjula’s words were echoed by the volunteer for the day, Bilal Osman, who attends the City of Leicester College on Downing Drive, ” Reading helps to build confidence and acquire new skills”. Bilal thoroughly enjoyed his day as he helped children sign their pledges and oversaw colouring activities and quizzes related to the Guinness Book of Records.

There will also be a ‘mini challenge drop-in’ day at Evington Library on Wednesday 12th August between 10 and 4pm where children can take part in more Guinness Book of Records related activities.

To join, visit Evington Library or for more information call 0116 221 1286


Fazila Bhana