Saturday , 25 May 2019


Leicester City Council is proposing to introduce a 20mph zone around Evington Village. This includes the area outside Linden Primary School. It will mean changing the speed limit to 20 miles per hour and installing some traffic calming features.


Appendix B - Proposed Traffic Calming - Evington.pdf


At present the speed limit on these streets is 30 miles per hour and we would liketo reduce this to 20 miles per hour. By lowering speeds,the aim is to improve road safety, encourage walking and cycling,and create a calmer village feel in the area.

In 2015, following a petition from residents,we installed speed cushions outside Linden P rimary School on Headland Road. This was to reduce traffic speed and improve road safety.We are now proposing to install a small number of further traffic calming features where necessary to reduce speeds and improve road safety in the wider area. This involves speed cushions on The Common, part of St Denys Road,and one set of speed cushions on Evington Lane on the approach to theVillage.We would also like to put the existing Main Street pedestrian crossing on a flattopped road hump.

 The proposals are shown on the maps enclosed with this letter. There is a list of included streets and other information over the page.

We would like to know your views about these proposals.

Please complete the enclosed response form and return it in the envelope provided by 18th August 2017.  No stamp is required.  The response form can also be filled in online at

Your response will be included in a report on the proposals which will go to the City M ayor who will decide whether to go ahead with the proposed changes.

If you would like to talk with your Ward Councillors about this,pleasecontact:

C ouncillor Deepak Bajaj

Telephone: 07976 096183

Councillor Ratilal Govind

Telephone: 07736194800 Email:Ratilal.Govind(

Councillor Sue Hunter

Telephone:07736 194816 Email:councillor.sue.hunter(

Mrs Lorraine Abbott 0116 4544866