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Shady Lane POW Camp

  SHADY LANE POW CAMP At a well-attended meeting of the Evington Local History and Heritage Group, held in the Park House on October 16th, Dr Margaret Bonney of Knighton gave an informative and lively talk about the Shady Lane prisoner-of-war camp, built originally by the Americans as a camp for their troops and situated between the brook and Gartree ... Read More »

Evington Echo’s first edition

The first edition of the Evington Echo was published in June 1981 and this edition remarkably set the organisation and tone for all future editions.  Things have changed with new technologies, but what hasn’t changed is that it is run voluntarily by the people of Evington for the people of Evington.  1981 June Angela Stevenson (nee Plowman) was a founding member ... Read More »

Archive material Summaries for Evington Echo Issues 1through to 110

Archive Material: Evington Echo (Issues 1-10, June 1981 – September 1982) The following is a very selected collection of items from past issues of the Echo. It is the personal view of Mike Stevens, one of our editorial team. Issue 1 – June 1981 The very first issue consisted of 12 pages and was the only Echo that was printed ... Read More »

WW2 The Japanese Conflict – Stories collected in Evington, Leicester.

WW2 – The Japanese Conflict During the summer months of 1945 life for me in India, was neither dull, nor comfortable.  I was a 19 year old Lance-Corporal, Leicestershire Regiment, seconded to a Beach Landing Group, attached to the 25th Indian Infantry Division – a mix of Indian and British regiments. The war in Europe was over.  The Japanese were ... Read More »

In the trenches in WW1 – War stories collected in Evington, Leicester

LIEUTENANT C. D. STEWART ROBINSON John Robinson wrote:   “Here are the first hand notes of my father’s time in the trenches in WW1.  My father never spoke of his experiences and I only realised what he had been through when my uncle sent these notes to me after his death. I was particularly moved by reading that he had broken ... Read More »


THE FIRST GAS ATTACK Poison gas was probably the most feared weapon in WW1.  An attack could leave a victim in agony for days and weeks before dying.  Poison gas (chlorine) was used for the first time at the  Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915. Chris Hossack’s father,  Anthony R. Hossack, was there in the Queen Victoria Rifles.  He wrote: ... Read More »


THE GREEN BICYCLE MYSTERY A well-attended meeting of Evington’s History and Heritage Group crowded into Evington House on Thu 20 Nov to investigate our very own real-life local Murder Mystery. Expert on this matter , Martin Sharp gave an entertaining talk on the notorious Green Bicycle Case , which arose from the discovery of a young woman cyclist’s body on ... Read More »