Thursday , 28 May 2020


Kishan Devani is the new conservative parliamentary candidate for Leicester East. Mr Devani is passionate about the Conservative manifesto, and has a strong belief in the founding Conservative ideology. If elected his main aims would be to support local businesses and improve quality of life for hard working people, as stated in his campaign material. Devani is known for his active community work, and won the ‘Asian Achievers Award in Community Service’ for campaigning on issues that he personally is passionate about. He promises to be a strong, hard working voice for the people of Leicester East.


What motivates you for this position, in particular Leicester East?

Leicester East is a constituency that’s been represented by a one political party system for some time now. For me the area is fantastic, vibrant and has a diverse community; and I feel that it needs that representation. Secondly, it needs to be looked after. I can see that it has been neglected for far too long, having been knocking on people’s doors for almost 2 years now. People feel let down and neglected by the current Labour council, and they would like to see different projects going on like the Neighbourhood development of Evington House. We want to see a change, and I feel that the residents all want to see a change.


How would the policies that the Conservative party propose benefit Evington?

We want to support hard working families and that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do for the past 5 years. We’ve brought back the British economy from the brink of a huge recession. We’ve brought back public finances. We’re capping welfare; so we can lower taxes for hard working families. We are a party that believe in low taxes, if you work hard you should keep more of your own money. If we get elected in again we hope to raise the income tax threshold to £12,000 so that the lowest paid workers in society get more of their money. We are backing hard working people. You are the people that are running the economy and bringing Britain back on track.

How would your experiences as a Teacher and in Law help you in your role?

As a teacher I got to see many things in the education system, which I would like to see changed. I believe the Conservative lead coalition has made several changes for the better, and I feel that in my personal experience in and out of politics there are things that need changed. I strongly believe the policies in the Conservative manifesto allow for that to happen, and I feel the country can see that now. We brought Britain back from the brink of an unprecedented recession, and we have to appreciate the long-term economic plan that the cabinet have given this country. We can see these hard sacrifices benefiting Evington, and Leicester East.


The Conservative manifesto proposes an EU referendum. Leicester is a diverse city with many migrants from Europe; if you were our representative what would your stance be on the referendum?

In 2017 David Cameron has promised an EU referendum. We are the only party that have promised an EU referendum. UKIP talk about it but won’t give it, Labour won’t give you one because they don’t trust the people; Tony Blair only a week ago said he doesn’t trust the people to make their own decision. We want a discussion with Europe, to reform Europe, and see how it can work for us. There are certain things we need to change in Europe, and then we must give the final say to the British people. I myself am only 30 years old and I’ve not had a vote on whether I want to be in Europe. When I go around doors, regardless of the background of people I go to, they all want to have this discussion on the EU. A referendum would do that.


Finally, what is your message for the voters?

My message is very clear: You have two clear options in this election. You can choose competence with David Cameron and his policies, or chaos with Ed Miliband without any policies. The reality is we have a long-term economic plan for this country. We want to see through what the country has sacrificed in the past 5 years and we want to make sure it’s all worth it by 2020. We are on the right track and we fixing the roof, whilst the sun is shining. We are already seeing the rewards of these sacrifices we’ve made. We cannot go onto another path now, or it would be disastrous for the future generations. We have one clear choice the competence of the Conservatives.