Friday , 6 December 2019


Substance misuse services


Leicester City Council are consulting about the future arrangements for substance misuse services in Leicester. Their services provide specialist help to people with drug and alcohol problems including psycho social support and medical interventions.

There are currently four different services in Leicester:

  • one for young people (under 18)
  • one which specifically provides housing-related support
  • two for adults (including one for people in the criminal justice system which serves Leicester Prison and the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland region).


Why Are Leicester City Council Consulting

Contracts relating to substance misuse services are due to finish in June 2016. There will also be future budgetary pressures and changes in the way services are commissioned. In order to have the right services in place by then, they would like to hear your views and comments on substance misuse services. They plan to carry out a further consultation in summer 2015 which will provide more detailed proposals based on feedback from this consultation.

What is being asked?

There are six areas we are interested in hearing views on and they have included specific questions. Three questions are about how the services are organised and the remaining three about specific areas of need. Leicester City Council would also like to hear any other thoughts you may have on the organisation of substance misuse services.

The specific areas are:

  • Having one service in Leicester
  • Organising all services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as one service
  • Keeping services in HMP Leicester as part of the overall service
  • Having a designated young adults service as part of an adult service
  • New and emerging drugs
  • Meeting the needs of Leicester’s diverse population.


What other information is relevant to this consultation?

There is uncertainty about future funding for substance misuse services:

  • The city council is undertaking a spending review in response to reductions on our budget and is exploring whether £1m could be saved from the overall substance misuse budget of £8.3m.
  • Leicestershire and Rutland councils may choose to commission their services separately from the city in July 2016
  • NHS England (which holds the budget for prison services) may commission services as part of general health services in prison – and not as specialist substance misuse services.

This consultation will run from 14th July to 16th August and follows on from initial public consultation over November to December last year. The consultation is being carried out with Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils. Leicestershire County Council are providing the administrative support for the consultation.

The consultation is available online:

It can also be accessed through the Leicester City Council consultation hub