Thursday , 20 July 2017
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Leicester City Council are reviewing eleven buildings in Leicester East and Central, including our own Evington library and Coleman Neighbourhood Centre.  The closing date for all consultations in on 25th July.  See www.leicestercitycouncil/tns To state your opinions, pick up a form in any of the buildings.  (All buildings are listed in the link). Read More »

Club News – Evington Bicycle Club welcomes b-buddies on Monday 8 May

Evington Bicycle Club goes to Leicester Skyride. August 2016

On Monday 8 May the Club welcome b-buddies.  Come down to Evington Park at 6 o’clock to see a fabulous miniature road layout for young balance bike riders.  Young pre-school children will love it!  (Older children welcome too, as always!)  If you know of any families likely to be interested please pass on the word! Another Date for your diary – ... Read More »



VOLUNTEER 4 GOOD is an Environmental volunteer project for people aged over 50 If you have a few hours to spare and want to meet new people, improve your local environment, do something different and learn a new skill then you can sign up for a volunteer event and help make a difference to local environments and habitats. Its easy ... Read More »

Evington Bicycle Club – Programme for 2017

Evington Bicycle Club goes to Leicester Skyride. August 2016

  Evington Bicycle Club has a great programme lined up for local people who want to start cycling or to cycle more often.   Most of our participants are children but we have a core of adults who learned to ride at our Monday evening sessions. Please come along to our Annual General Meeting on the evening of Monday April 10th. This ... Read More »

Adrian Mole at 50.

Evington Bicycle Club goes to Leicester Skyride. August 2016

  We will never know how Adrian coped with his middle-aged crisis. He is bound to be having one! Sue Townsend, the biggest selling UK author of the eighties died in 2014.  There had been talk of a new manuscript but nothing emerged.   Townsend’s agents said that the new story was up to the Sue’s usual high standards.  Mole fans ... Read More »



The consultation about Transforming Neighbourhood Services is now happening for the East and Central areas of the Leicester City.  It has a deadline of 19th February 2017.  Forms are available at Council sites and on line at Friends of Evington trustees think: The Library building should be retained for the Heritage Village of Evington. There could be an improved ... Read More »