Saturday , 24 August 2019
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TEDx Leicester Leicester

April saw the first TEDx Leicester. TEDx conferences are local spin-offs from the main TED organisation (you’ll probably have come across various TED talks).  This conference was organized by a managing team led by Evington resident, Allan Hayes, who is also President of Friends of Evington.

There were some very interesting talks, including one by Shami Chakrabarty of Liberty, and Matthew Taylor of the RSA (previously of the IPPR).

The conference ambiance at the Curve Theatre was excellent with great opportunities to meet and talk to others at the group tables and over the buffet lunch. The conference was well hosted and ran at a good pace, but some talks suffered from a lack of direction and overall the conference needed more connections between the speakers.

I am sure that future conferences will grow in coherence, and it’s nice to see there are dedicated leaders in Leicester who have the ambition to host an event like this. Good ideas need to grow and spread.  I look forward to a bigger event next year.